About Us

The inspiration for our name comes from the feeling of joy that saffron brings to any dish. At Delite Saffron, we are dedicated to sustaining the livelihoods of Afghan saffron farmers by bringing their precious harvests to the world.
Our saffron embodies the rich agricultural heritage of Herat, Afghanistan. Generations of skilled female workers harvest and process our saffron using traditional, sustainable methods passed down through the years. We are passionate about supporting these communities and helping remove barriers to fair trade. Each precious strand of our fragrant, premium-grade saffron is carefully and hygienically packed to deliver an unparalleled taste experience. When you cook with Delite Saffron, you bring the essence of Afghanistan's fields and culture to your kitchen.
Our brand celebrates the people behind saffron's inimitable golden hues and aromatic bouquet. Let us transport you from dish to dish with the finest saffron in the world.



About Saffron:

Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice in terms of weight. The spice is actually the dried stigma (tiny threadlike strands) of the “Crocus sativus Linnaeus”. Each stigma is very small, and tens of thousands of individual strands go into a single ounce of the spice; since the stigmas are hand-picked from the individual flowers, saffron high cost becomes more understandable.
The main saffron cultivation areas in Afghanistan is in western parts of the country, The Herat province has managed to achieve an excellent position on the production and export of saffron over these years, To the extent that some 90% of saffron production in Afghanistan is obtained from there .The Ghoryan and Poshton Zarghon region in this province is well known for its quality saffron.
Afghanistan Saffron known for our superior-tasting, organic and industry standard saffron in every classification – whether its Super Negin, Negin or Pushal saffron. Saffron is rated by flavor intensity and depth of color, which means we are always striving for world class results. Delicate saffron threads are handpicked by our farmers and naturally dried to ensure the authentic and tradition remains even as it reaches your cup of tea, special dishes or medicine cabinet.

Women implement most of this works, since 80% of saffron works are being done by women in Afghanistan because they do this works better.


We’re always on the lookout for exciting new finds that you can trust with unmatched quality and of the highest Afghan Saffron standards. We, at Delite Saffron, do not focus only on providing with you with the best organic products, yet also strive to introduce you to a complete Afghanistan’s agriculture lifestyle. We aim to create a value chain from our farmers and workers to you, the customer, in creating a sustainable and secure community of people who love saffron products.


Our quest to find the best and precious Saffron products has taken us across Afghanistan. Our vision at Delite Saffron is to promote our diverse country through its natural and unique Red Gold (Saffron) treasures. Delite Saffron specializes in locating, cultivating and sharing premium Saffron products from this beautiful land. We are proud to work with local communities.


Why Buy from us:

At Delite Saffron, we are always on a search for fine products across Afghanistan to share with our customers around the world. Our saffron represents the highest form of Super Negin and is handpicked with the utmost care, dried and packaged to ensure the colour, flavor and aroma are sealed so perfectly, you will feel you are standing in Herat’s rolling fields. Our packaging has been designed to evoke the feeling of excellence and a true Afghan identity with a connection to the world. World’s 100% pure and Natural Saffron.